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    Среда, 11 июня 2014
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    Сандомир, Свентокшиское воеводство, Польша

    Agroskaner is a company which was set up in 2011. We specialize in selling fruits

    and vegetables both on the Polish market and abroad. We have a wide offer of vegetables from Poland which distinguish themselves from other products thanks to their highest quality and freshness. Polish fruits and vegetables provided by our company are grown in the area of the Świetokrzyskie Voivodeship, which is located in south-eastern Poland. The best known city of the region is Sandomierz, and the surrounding area has become a perfect place for ecological farming. All of our fresh fruits and vegetables which are later delivered to our clients’ tables come from these unique crops. In general, the agricultural farmland around Sandomierz is famous for healthy and high quality fruits and vegetables. Ecological farming is very popular here and the products meet all the EU requirements. In our offer you will find almost every fresh vegetable, starting with carrots, onions, cabbage, and tomatoes, through a wide variety of Polish and foreign apples, and finishing with Polish pears. Special attention should be paid to Polish apples present in our offer. Being famous for their production, we guarantee their high quality export to all European countries. Our Polish apples have won the consumers’ hearts due to their freshness, variety, and above all, their exceptional taste. Check out our full offer of fruits and vegetables export. Thanks to our valuable experience in working with fresh produce, we offer fruits of highest quality. We export all our products, both fruits and vegetables, to all European countries. Moreover, we also offer import of fruits and vegetables. Our offer of fruits and vegetables export is especially attractive. Contact us for further details of cooperation. All apples are first class, stored in cold stores-reduced atmosphere. You can order standard apples from cold storage, the price will be lower, apples are packed according to customer requirements in a wooden or cardboard boxes. We also invite you to Poland to present our sorting and modern cold storage rooms. We are able to send per week to 100 cars (2 200 tonnes). If we can sign a contract for long-term cooperation will certainly come to an agreement on all issues. We offer apples unsorted price is lower . Please reply, definitely we will reach an agreement . Packaging Details: Each product we offer is packed according to applicable standards. apples - cardboard boxes with a capacity of 8-13 kg At the express request of the client we can pre-package them in any other way. For the availability of apples and prices please contact us . Marcin Waluga Product offer: www.agroskaner-fruits.com Online trade: www.agroskaner.pl TEL. MOB: +48 515273899 TEL. / FAX: +48 22 779 66 54 E-MAIL: marcin.waluga@agroskaner.pl AGROSKANER SP. Z O. O Ul. Andriolli 16L, 05-400 Otwock Tax ID: 5242727636, Regon: 142806990
    • Размер: Крупный
    • Качество: Высокое
    • Объем партии: Большой
    • Место производства: Сандомир, Свентокшиское воеводство, Польша
    Польша Marcin Waluga - Agroskaner Sp z o.o.
    • Телефон: Польша + +
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    • Языки общения: Соединенное КоролевствоПольша
    • E-mail: marcin.waluga@agroskaner.pl
    • Сайт: www.agroskaner-fruits.com
    • ICQ: 273645
    • Skype: agroskaner.agroskaner
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